inflatable tank tethered at corners

Inflatable Tanks for Dad’s Army Movie

A film production company asked us if we could make some inflatable tanks. We said “No problem!” They asked if we could make them closely resemble tanks used in World War Two by the British Army. We said “Of course!”

(We did point out though that the tanks couldn’t have square edges! Being inflatable, they would blow round at the corners. Flyaway tanks not being what the film company was after!)

Luckily, this turned out to be perfect. The tanks they wanted us to reproduce were based on the inflatable tanks used as decoys during the war.  In fact, they still use the same idea to this day, but with a more up-to-date design.

Inflatable tank in workshop

Little did we know at that point that we were making inflatable tanks for a movie. It is now on general release and proving to be hugely popular.

We worked very closely with the production director. We wanted to get the correct shape and size, and all those convincing details that make the inflatable tanks just right. And helped us win the war.

Painting last minute details on inflatable tank

In true cinematic tradition we went right down to the wire making them. We only had 4 weeks from the time the order was confirmed to the day when filming began. So much so that ABC delivered the Inflatable Tanks, along with pots of paint and glue in case any last minute alterations or additions had to be made!

inflatable tank in field

As you can see from the photographs, the inflatable tanks certainly looked the part. Watch out for them in the movie! You’ll be able to see how convincing they are when you see them up on the big screen.

inflatable tank tethered at corners

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