exhibition inflatables lotto balls in our workshop

Exhibition Inflatables – Lotto Balls

One of the things clients frequently ask us to create are exhibition inflatables. They are a great way of drawing attention to your stand at a busy show.

In May, we were asked by M J Exhibitions if we could make some sealed air inflatable Lottery balls to be suspended over their client’s stand. They were limited for size and also had budgetary constraints so we were a little bit under pressure.

exhibition inflatables lotto balls in our workshop

Not only did the ABC team manage to produce the inflatable lotto balls but also made a small exhibition sphere with logo for them, on time and in budget.

Exhibition inflatables can make really clever use of wasted overhead space above a stand. It certainly makes a visual impact and can be used both inside and outdoors, giving you a head start on the competition!

Easy to transport and install

Our exhibition inflatables are easy to transport. We also provide an installation service if it is required, although they are very simple to inflate. They can be filled with helium to fly above your stand or cold air filled to be suspended. They can also be used time and time again. Indeed ABC’s exhibition inflatables are so popular, that many of our exhibition contractor clients come back over and over again for more.

exhibition inflatables for Lottonetix in situ at exhibition

The Lotto Balls looked fantastic and M J Exhibitions said:

“We were very pleased with your work. Especially being understanding and helpful regarding the cost issue we had as we had to meet our budget for this. The client was very happy too!”

So whether you want a simple inflatable sphere or another type of exhibition inflatable, take a look at the product pages of our website to see what is possible. There are lots of different ways ABC can help put your exhibition stand head and shoulders above the rest! Give us a call on 01295 278600 to see how we can help you stand out in the crowd.