Medical show stand with inflatable spheres suspended above

Small Printed Spheres Make an Impact

In April, a client contacted us to commission some small inflatable spheres, with a difference. They planned to hang the spheres over their exhibition stand at a medical show in Milan.

We send exhibition spheres and inflatables all over the world and we often work in specialist markets. The thing that is tricky with a small shape, particularly a sphere, is that the artwork can become distorted. Because the graphics are not being applied to a nice flat surface, it is often easier if we hand paint the client’s design. When we need to use digital printing for the design, it can be much more difficult to get right.

inflatable spheres hang above a stand at a medical show

We were delighted with the outcome and so was the client! We felt that we had really broken new ground with these printed spheres. It was the first time we had successfully produces such small ones (only 70cm diameter) with an all over digital print. It was a real challenge for us to keep the spherical shape and not distort the artwork. We were thrilled to get such a great result! We made full use of our new technique and we represented the liposomes accurately on the inflatable spheres. (Liposomes are active molecules used to deliver pharmaceutical drugs – so it was extra important that we got them right). We filled the spheres with cold air and then we suspended them over the stand. They looked really striking and drew the crowd’s attention at the show.

medical show stand with inflatable spheres suspended above

If you need exhibition inflatables for your company with specific artwork, why not see if we can help? Give us a ring on 01295 278600 for a chat or send us an email.