Bopovers and Zorb ballers at the RFL Magic Weekend

Sports Events Bopovers and Zorb Balls

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This was a really fun project! We made some inflatable bopovers and zorb balls for Foxy Bingo, sponsors of the RFL (Rugby Football League) Magic Weekend. The event was held in May at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester and was attended by 64,500 fans who came to watch their favourite clubs play a series of matches over two days. There was also a variety of family entertainment laid on, including zorb ball races – and that’s where we came in.

Bopovers and Zorb ballers at the RFL Magic Weekend

The inflatable bopovers were used as markers around which the players had to negotiate the zorb balls. They are cleverly designed with water ballast in the base so they will tip over when knocked without falling flat. They just bounce right back up again. Getting these branded zorb balls and inflatable bopovers into play at large sporting events creates a significant impact for any brand, as they are seen by huge crowds. It was a great weekend and Foxy Bingo were delighted with our work, as were the enthusiastic zorb ballers! Check out this video about the fun-filled Magic Weekend and see our super inflatable bopovers and zorb balls in action.

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