Inflatable Spheres at the Classic Cars Show

Inflatable Blue Sphere Hovers Over Classic Cars

Our team in Banbury helped design and make two of the inflatable exhibition spheres that flew at the NEC this weekend. It was the annual Classic Motor Show so it was important for our clients to stand out among the crowds. The spheres looked fantastic floating in the arena! They were completely unmissable and they certainly drew plenty of attention to our clients.

Robust inflatable spheres

Although the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club 6ft inflatable sphere was new, Silverstone Auctions were flying their giant 8ft inflatable sphere for the second time. One of our services is storage and we can also carry out repairs so our robust spheres are an excellent investment. You can see that they look impressive and the Silverstone one is in superb condition. It was a great event and both the JEC and Silverstone were delighted with their helium filled inflatables.

Jaguar Enthusiasts Club Bring Inflatable Sphere to NEC

If you want something with a lower running cost, we recommend cold air filled inflatable spheres. We suspend these above a stand so you don’t need to buy helium gas. Whichever option you choose, they both make great use of the wasted space above people’s heads.

It is such a simple but effective way of marking your presence at an event in a really eye-catching way. Inflatable exhibition spheres are easy to transport, manage, and store. We also make sure your branding looks its best emblazoned on your balloon to promote your message or business. The other thing clients love is that we make our spheres here in the UK so we are absolutely, 100% reliable. We always deliver on time.

Why not give us a ring on 01295 278600 or email us and see how our exhibition inflatables can help you stand out in a crowd!

Giant Inflatable Blue Ball at Car Show