Inflatable office floor plan

Giant Inflatable Signage

We take pride in being able to tackle any inflatable project that our clients dream up. Even so, giant inflatable signage was a new one for us!

The client asked us to illustrate the floor plans of a prestigious London office space in an extremely imaginative way. Instead of using traditional signs, they wanted to create a series of printed inflatables. They planned to suspend them in the reception area to provide information to prospective tenants. We loved this novel idea so we were delighted to make some sealed air inflatables printed with the details of the office building.

We did have some technical challenges though. Our designer had to be incredibly precise when he applied the artwork to make sure the writing was clear and easy to read. He proved himself more than capable of the challenge, as you can see.

Inflatable office floor plan

Prospective tenants coming to view the office space were met with a fun and eye-catching display. These really were signs with a difference and they made our client stand out from the competition! This was such an interesting way to exhibit prosaic information and make a memorable impact.

If you would like to use one of our sealed-air inflatables in a new and original way, do get in touch. You can ring us on 01295 278600 or send us an email and we can chat about your ideas.