Giant Inflatable Rabbit in a Hat to rent!

Cape International wanted to draw attention to the opening of their new premises. Our giant inflatable rabbit in a hat seemed like the perfect solution. They didn’t want to buy an inflatable so they hired ours and we added a simple but high quality sign to the rabbit. They were pleased with the impact that the banner to the side of the hat created. It made a cost-effective and striking part of the opening celebrations. Our clients really like the social media coverage they get from their inflatable displays. So many people love the photo opportunities, from press to passers-by.

Giant Inflatable Rabbit

We have a number of inflatable animals to rent, which perfect if you only want an inflatable for a one-off event or have a tight budget. You might also like the inflatable event shelters and inflatable arches we offer. Like the rabbit in the hat, we can brand most of our rental inflatables to support your marketing.

Do you want to promote your business or event in an unusual and high-impact way? If so, renting a giant inflatable is cost-effective and fuss-free. At the end of the rental period, we will collect the equipment from your site. This means you have nothing to worry about except choosing which giant event inflatable to hire! Check out our inflatables to rent page for more information or give us a ring on 01295 278600 to discuss your needs.