Inflatable Father Christmas is on his way!

Sometimes we get a commission to make some really fun custom inflatables. This year a client asked us to make an army of inflatable Father Christmases, which certainly made us smile! They looked great when they were tested our trusted supplier’s factory and we hope the Christmas shoppers who saw them in the large chain of Carrefour hypermarkets in France were also amused!

Inflatable POS Santa display


We made 500 inflatable Father Christmas and shipped them across the channel.  Don’t they look fantastic? Quite a sight all lined up together!

This was a good example of how quickly ABC Inflatables can turn around a customer enquiry. All 500 inflatables were produced and shipped in little more than 4 weeks and were ready in-store by early November. This gave the customer time to create fun and eye-catching point of sale displays leading up to Christmas.

Giant Inflatable Santa Clauses for Sales Displays

We supply a wide range of promotional items to our clients. We can make large quantities of small inflatable items or a small quantity, even just one, of large inflatables! Our clients often ask us to make inflatable product replicas as these are very appealing for point of sale (POS) promotions or giveaways.

Check out our inflatable product page for more information, contact us here, or give us a ring at 01295 278600 and see how we can help create a bit of magic for your stores with some of our custom inflatables.