Gold inflatable Lindt bunnies

Giant Inflatable Point-of-sale Gold Bunnies for Lindt

katebarlow Promotional Inflatables

These adorable giant inflatable bunnies are part of a re-order from Lindt. They advertise their delicious chocolate Easter bunnies. Did you guess? Lindt use them in stores at the point-of-sale. They help draw attention to their seasonal chocolate offering in a fun and seriously eye-catching way. Who could miss a giant 1m tall inflatable gold bunny suspended over the shelves?! This …

Inflatable Father Christmas is on his way!

katebarlow Inflatable Characters, Promotional Inflatables

Sometimes we get a commission to make some really fun custom inflatables. This year a client asked us to make an army of inflatable Father Christmases, which certainly made us smile! They looked great when they were tested our trusted supplier’s factory and we hope the Christmas shoppers who saw them in the large chain of Carrefour hypermarkets in France …

New Inflatable Bottles for Heineken

abc_admin Promotional Inflatables

Anyone for a beer? Sorry to disappoint but these are not drinkable! They are just a small batch of the 800 inflatable bottles we made for Heineken to promote the shape of their new larger bottle. They look completely realistic, don’t they? We were very pleased with how they turned out and so was the client. We’ve created inflatable bottles for Bacardi …