Gold inflatable Lindt bunnies

Giant Inflatable Point-of-sale Gold Bunnies for Lindt

These adorable giant inflatable bunnies are part of a re-order from Lindt. They advertise their delicious chocolate Easter bunnies. Did you guess? Lindt use them in stores at the point-of-sale. They help draw attention to their seasonal chocolate offering in a fun and seriously eye-catching way. Who could miss a giant 1m tall inflatable gold bunny suspended over the shelves?!

inflatable lindt gold bunnies

This repeat order is heading off to warmer climes, destined for stores in Australia. But first our factory in the Far East pressure test every single one so that we, and of course our client, know that they are all quality assured. What’s more, they are all made to comply with the necessary safety requirements. Our quality controls ensure that all our clients have peace of mind when purchasing inflatables from us.

inflatable gold lindt bunnies

We have been dealing with this particular factory in the Far East for over 20 years, so when we say we can deliver on time, we know we can! And when we say how good the quality of print is, that’s because – quite simply – it is. And in all those 20 years, we are proud we have never let a client down. We’ve had some close calls, it is true but we have always made the extra effort to get the job done on time.

Gold inflatable Lindt bunnies

So if you are looking for some quality giant inflatables to use as promotional items or at point-of-sale, ABC Inflatables can create something special just for you. Take a look at our product page to see what we can do, and contact us here or give us a call at 01295 278600 to have a chat about your ideas.