hot air balloon and basket

ABC Hot Air Balloon at Vauxhall Victorian Day

It was a fine morning in late August when we set up this impressive 4 meter diameter sphere. As you can see, we had printed it to represent a traditional gas balloon from the 19th Century. With a real hot air balloon basket to complete the picture it really did look like a period Victorian scene.

Which was the whole idea! During the August Bank Holiday, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens had been taken over for the day to represent a typical Victorian day. This included a wonderful period Carousel and entertainment throughout the day, just as you might have had in Victorian times.

vauxhall park with carousel and air balloon

The ABC helium filled Hot Air Balloon was photographed as much as the ‘gallopers’ and was equally relevant as in Victorian times. In the past, Hot Air Balloons often took off from Spring Gardens, Vauxhall to much public acclaim.

stripy hot air balloon with basket

No change there then!

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In case you were wondering, in our past, we have created a Cadbury hot air balloons and Mike and the Mechanics’ hot air balloon but they don’t date back to Victorian times!