mirror chrome balls - inflated ready for exhibition stand

Giant Silver Chrome Balls!

There really is something magical about giant silver chrome balls! Good quality mirrored spheres always bring an impressive, high tech feel to your event.

If you fancy giant silver chrome balls at your next event, we’re the suppliers for you! These spheres don’t just look high tech; they are high tech. You need an experienced supplier like ABC Inflatables because we not only supply these spectacular shiny spheres, we also provide the equipment to inflate them and experienced operators who can assist in the install. 

What’s more we will travel anywhere in the world to inflate them. We’ve installed them in Barcelona and in September 2019 we took another set to Berlin.

Our operators travelled to Berlin for the International Audio & Electronics Fair. Also known as IFA, this is the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. The organisers describe it as a show about “technology, fun and innovation” which, naturally, sets a challenge for the stand builders and designers! We were honoured when Harman International Industries decided they wanted to make their stand extra special so contacted us at ABC Inflatables. They picked us because they loved our work when we produced similar eye catching silver chrome spheres for the VM World Conference.

Harman International Industries wanted something on an even bigger scale for IFA Berlin. They commissioned us make even more silver chrome balls and deliver a range of different sizes. This created a breath-taking effect on the size of exhibition stand they had chosen. Just as in Barcelona, we assisted in the install and once inflated and suspended the mirrored spheres looked fantastic. The stand builders and designers were delighted with the way the effect resonated with the ethos of the exhibition. And who could fail to be impressed…?

mirror chrome balls - inflated ready for exhibition stand

If you would like to inspire your clients and potential customers with a giant inflatable chrome finish sphere, we here to help. Or for something less dazzling, how about one of our exhibition spheres which can be branded with your clients logo or artwork? Just give us a call on 01295 278600 or send us an email.

Check out our Exhibition Inflatables page for more inspiration and further information.