inflatable fire extinguisher

ABC & ‘Two Door Cinema Club’ set London on Fire!

No-one could ever say that going to work at ABC Inflatables is dull! We get to be part of some pretty wacky creative projects. We’ve made all manner of crazy inflatables. Inflatable Easter eggs, inflatable drinks cans, inflatable pigs, inflatable hearts, inflatable bears. Not to mention an inflatable Sadiq Khan! But last month was a first. We made an inflatable fire extinguisher…

inflatable fire extinguisher

It was part of promotional campaign for the popular Northern Irish Indie rock band, Two Door Cinema Club. The giant cold air filled inflatable fire extinguisher did look pretty cool emblazoned with the artwork spelling out their name.

But that was only the beginning of the adventure. We have worked with this client for many years on big projects for other bands they represent. This time, they came up with a clever stunt to create a buzz for Two Door Cinema Club. They wanted to put the giant inflatable fire extinguisher on the back of a flat bed truck. Then drive it around London, pretend it was stolen, and ask their fans to look for it!

inflatable fire extinguisher on truck

It might sound a bit crackers, but it actually worked a treat! The band released pictures of our fabulous inflatable fire extinguisher on Instagram, claiming it was a prop for their upcoming performance at Glastonbury festival. They asked their followers to keep an eye out for it and to report any sightings, with the hashtag #FindOurFireExtinguisher

Social media was literally aflame with the story, and so were the newspapers and the music press. What a brilliant way to bring the band to everyone’s attention before their big gig on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury! It was also ahead of their new album release, as many sharp-witted fans noticed. Can you guess what the new album is called? False Alarm!

It really made us chuckle! We enjoyed being part of this fun event. The stunt went viral with reported sightings all over London. Another satisfied customer!!

So if you have an ambitious promotional campaign that you’d like our help with, give us a ring on 01295 278600 for a chat. We have been part of some fantastically creative and successful campaigns over the years. Check out our collaborations with Anya Hindmarch, Smirnoff, Heineken, Cadburys, Burberry, Pink Floyd, Andy Murray..