inflatable cricket balls showing world flags

ABC at the ICC Cricket World Cup!

Here at ABC Inflatables, we love a good sporting event! So it was thrilling to make lots of helium-filled inflatable cricket balls for the opening ceremony of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Prince Harry welcomed everybody to the Oval and declared the competition open on 30th May. It was amazing to see our multi-coloured cricket balls around the edge of the pitch!

inflatable cricket balls showing world flags
Photo courtesy of Dream Engine

We made ten giant cricket balls, each one 3 meters in diameter. Helium-filled to float, we printed them all over with the flag of each participating nation. In addition, we printed each sphere with seams just like a real cricket ball.

inflatable cricket balls showing seams

This made for a doubly complex design. However, between us and our printers, we figured it out. We managed to produce the inflatable cricket balls to exactly the design the client required. Everyone was so pleased with the end result. Don’t they look brilliant?! Howzat?!

inflatable cricket balls in work shop

Our good friends at Dream Engine managed the finished inflatable cricket balls without a hitch on the opening day of the Cricket World Cup at the Oval. You can see our cricket balls very clearly at the beginning of this official video of the opening ceremony at the Oval. They look absolutely amaze-balls!

inflatable cricket balls at the Oval
Photo courtesy of Dream Engine

We are definitely a safe pair of hands if you want something similar for your sporting event. We’ve made hundreds of inflatable spheres, many are bespoke designs for high-profile world class events. You can explore some of the work we have done for the new Scottish Children’s Lottery, Andy Murray Live, Sport Relief and Guinness rugby balls! It’s not just the big inflatables that we produce though – you can also ask us about crowd items such as Clapper Tubes and Inflatable Hands. These are a popular way to promote your brand that reaches beyond the match.

Inflatable tennis ball with sport relief logo

You can also check out our product pages to see the wide range of outdoor and event inflatables we produce, from giant inflatable pushballs to parade spheres. You don’t have to keep it round either! We also make custom inflatables, inflatable hands and inflatable arches.

Why to give us a ring on 01295 278600 and have a chat with one of our expert team? We can advise you on the best inflatable for your event, so you are guaranteed something spectacular!